If your year has been like mine, it’s been a busy year. Please pace yourself and finish the year strongly. Once we get to Christmas, hopefully, you get some time to take stock and get some well-earned rest. Sometimes we need a holiday to recover from our holidays.

If you have time off take a little walk after Christmas Lunch. Get some fresh air. Experiment with some leg stretches in the park. Grab as much sleep as you can. Rest, recover and regenerate. With your festivities, try and add some extra water in between your other drinks.

If you have access to a pool do some stretches while you’re standing there. Be gentle and kind to yourself. Take it easy if you join in with unaccustomed activities like backyard cricket or going into the surf.

It’s Melbourne and that means you need to keep a full wardrobe where ever you travel. Watch the weather forecasts at BOM. http://www.bom.gov.au/vic/?ref=hdr If it suddenly becomes cool when you are active. Cover up as soon as you finish so that you have a gradual cool down as opposed to being snap frozen.

Whatever you do have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!