Natalie reveals the simple approach that helps dramatically improve chronic hip, thigh and knee pain.

Have you ever had pain over the side of your hip, thigh or knees? It may be waking you from your sleep when you lie on your side or your knee is very tight, sore and makes cracking noises. Natalie has helped many clients with these sort of problems. They are often surprised to learn that there is more to the problem than they thought.

Whether it’s your first time seeking treatment or you’ve tried ‘everything’ to find relief, if it has been there for more than three months, it is chronic. So, you need to have a course of treatment to make an effective impact on something that has become entrenched.

Natalie’s approach is local, regional and global. She looks at the site of the injury as well as the areas above and below. When the injury is chronic, it has been there for a while. So, it has had time to spread. Many clients are surprised to find that there are spots outside of the area that they came complaining of, that are tender only when they are touched. In many cases the problem starts below the knee.  There is a stiffness in the ankle joint along with tension within the calf muscles.

This leads to a reduced ability to absorb shock within the leg when walking and running. As a result, the shock of jarring is absorbed the muscles of the leg and thigh. They work harder and become tight.

Natalie’s approach addresses the hip thigh and knee. In addition, she mobilizes the ankle joints and releases the calf muscle tension. To enhance and maintain the improvement in movement she devises exercises for you.

As a result of her approach, clients find that they have less tension over time and that the exercise she provides enable patients to get back to the gym and exercise. So, they feel more flexible, strong and can build their overall fitness and health.

If you’d like to discover how to greatly improve pain affecting the outside of your thigh, especially just above your knee, please call to see what we can do for you.