There are actually many ways in which people come to see us about tight shoulders. It can be as simple as feeling like you’re wearing your shoulders a lot closer to your ears than you feel they should be. People have said things like

  • I feel like my shoulders are up so high that they are like my earrings
  • I am having trouble holding my head up.
  • Both my shoulders and neck are so tight that I can’t turn my head properly.
  • I woke up with a wry neck.
  • I can’t reach to do up my bra or comb my hair.
  • I can’t lift my arm up more than the level of my shoulder.
  • I have problems getting my arm into my jacket.
  • I have trouble carrying my handbag.
  • I’m getting headaches that seem to come from my shoulders.
  • I can’t lie on the shoulder that is sore when I sleep because it aches.
  • I’ve got an ache right out on the tip of my shoulder.
  • I can’t turn over in bed without waking up because of pain.

These are situations where remedial massage can help.

The trick is to work out which muscles cause the issue. The next step is massaging to reduce the tension in the muscles and tendons. This encourages blood flow and healing. The muscles can affect the movement in the joints. Working on the muscles can help free up stiff joints like the shoulder and neck.

Some of the things that come after a visit to Backstroke Massage:

  • Ability to move with less or no pain.
  • Greater confidence to play sport or do the normal activities that you love.
  • Feel physically and not just mentally tired after a good work out.
  • Better sleep because you aren’t being woken up by pain when you turn in bed.
  • Recover better and waked up refreshed rather than drained.

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Why accept that it’s what you should expect now that you are getting “older”. Take action without having to take one more medication.