Many people, especially those who are involved with School or University think of the school holidays as the time to take a break. They’ll be here soon. In fact: two months. If you want to be physically ready to go on holidays, it’s time to get things into shape.

Interestingly, this year, there has been a lot of Australians heading overseas. I have been helping a lot more people in the preparation for travels overseas for the Northern Hemisphere’s summer like the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland and cycling through the South of France. In addition, there were client preparing for the ski season and driving through the outback in Australia and New Zealand.


Sometimes, people leave it to the last week or two before they depart. Unfortunately, this may mean that they are still recovering while they are away. Miracles do happen, but there are no guarantees. So, if you are having queries about muscle or joint problems, please get in contact now to make recovery before your holidays more likely.