Do you feel like you’ve lost the spring in your step, when you take your first steps of the day feeling like you’ve got wooden legs or feel a pain underneath your  heel that lasts for a while until  you have walked around a bit?

Have you experienced pain, “pull” or twinge in your calf when you take off for a quick run? Ever had a dull tooth ache like pain along the front of your shin. There are many ways in which you might be affected by leg pain.

We Massage and Loosen Leg Muscles, Tendons and Joints.

We love the challenge of working out what causes your pain. Providing a treatment and exercise solution. We have found that in many case of chronic or long-standing leg pain that you also have hidden joint stiffness and compression especially in the areas above and below. This includes knee, ankle and foot joints.
They need to be assessed and treated to help take the pressure out of the leg muscles. Some of the muscles that start in the leg actually end up in the feet. If they are tense, you lose the ability to absorb shock in your foot. So, the muscles in your legs suffer from an increased pressure of shock absorption coming up from the foot and ankle.

Bounce Out Of Bed Again

So, if leg pain is holding you back from your normal, sporting, leisure and/or work activities, we help you reduce the pain of  the inflammation and then the pain and tension in your muscles, tendons and joints, so that you can return to what you what you want to be doing over time. In addition, we can help you to feel better than you have in a long time. Putting the spring back into you step.

Rather Than Wait and Wonder, Let’s Make a Change

If you need help to improve your situation as far as muscle and joint issues are affecting you day to day.  Let’s talk and take you to the next level.
Contact us so that you can arrange a time that suits. We can identify what you have going on and provide you with a realistic guideline as to how long it should take to heal and what you may be able to achieve over the long run.